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Más personas estan expuestas a video en YouTube todos los días que todas las televisoras del mundo juntas. En esta era digital, planificar la comunicación de nuestras empresas basada en este tipo de información es lo que nos permitira competir en nuestros mercados como lideres tecnologicos en tan solo 6 a 8 semanas, tarea imposible de realizar hace unos años.

VORA Internet Marketing inicia en Portland, Oregon, U.S. hace 7 años y desde entonces, hemos tenido el gusto de crecer junto a nuestros clientes y ver docenas de nuevas marcas y proyectos, tomar raiz en sus mercados con el uso de tecnología.

Así como en la politica, la audiencia esta cansada de mercadotecnia falsa, ridicula, de relleno, de bluff. La audiencia que importa y sustentará a tu empresa a largo plazo busca calidad y eficiencia, solo debemos buscar los medios correctos para comunicar estos y otros valores que le interesan en sus proveedores.

Existen 3 pilares para una comunicación efectiva, una Imagen Corporativa Influyente, una Estrategia de Mercadotecnia Congruente y una Estrategia Publicitaria Original. Estamos aquí para ayudarte a implementar los tres, siempre fieles a los objetivos y valores de tu marca.

El Potencial de Tu Marca




Definir en que mercados se posiciona la marca, a grandes razgos que se le ofrece al cliente finalmente.
Como inició la idea o empresa, la cultura empresarial o valores que dirigen el proyecto.
Definir los diferenciadores que posicionan a la marca por encima de sus competidores.
De acuerdo a los objetivos y recursos de la marca, debemos filtrar las plataformas correctas.

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Preguntas Frequentes

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Will I be involved in the creative process?
Of course, we actually encourage you to be! It is essential that our clients influence their projects through the use of reference material, refurbishing old campaigns, etc. We make sure your greatest ideas are featured in the final product.
Someone charges me $X, what's the difference?
The first possibility is that the low price is just bait and they'll run with your money, the second possibility is that well, you end up with a site that looks like what it's worth. Don't cut your brand short, find something else to cut costs in.
What kind of turn around time should I expect.
It greatly depends on your team and the availability of content material. Graphics take about a week, websites 3 weeks, ecommerce 4 weeks. Social media, ad and research reports are biweekly. Copywriting is it's own art and it may add a couple days.
Will my business appear on Google searches?
Not only Google! We submit every web project to all top tier engines and create at least 50 social submissions and PR links around the web to get the site indexed in around 24 hours. Competitive rank will of course require additional SEO.
Can I use my own hosting or existing domain?
Yes but we highly disencourage external hosting as our guarantee becomes void since anyone can very easily damage the site's source code...websites are not compiled like software so they are a little delicate, fixing a damaged website can run you up to 30% of it's total cost.
What kind of guarantee are we talking about?
Pretty straightforward, when you host your services with us, we make sure everything is always backed-up and in top shape. Should something unexpected happen, you're covered and any of your affected services are re-established overnight with no data-loss.
What is Direct Response and Why should I care?
Hello Reader!
The copy on this website is written in Direct Response. In Direct Response, the writer breaks down the 4th wall with his/her reader and sets the stage for intellectual sympathy, a skill that bad marketers are unaware of. So while a myriad of creative directors out there run their fact awareness campaigns, we'll continue having real conversations with our audience through both print and digital media.
Direct Response, Google it.

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