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It's all About
Making Ideas Happen

Our Process

We always do our homework before a project. We want to make sure all of your ideas are featured in the final product.
Brand Strategy
Your brand needs to go from point A to point B, we make it easy and you manage everything from your phone!
Solution Development
We put everything in a pot and cook it on low heat until perfect results are achieved...you get the idea.
Start the conversation
We gather feedback about the project and introduce the solution to our client's audience through media.

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Why Branding Will Make or Break Your Business This Year

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More people are exposed to video on Facebook at any given time than all TV networks around the world combined, if that doesn't make you rethink your PR this year I don't know what to tell you, it might be too late for you.

The truth is that as our attention span shortens and we become more conditioned to interact with brands at our finger tips, we are more likely to perceive brands with incomplete online profiles as plain untrustworthy and we're usually not inclined to further research those companies.

Your customers now expect the full experience and quality has become a given in most markets. People don't look past the third search result so you better be in those first few spots or the leads your website receives organically will be almost null.

There is hope! As everything in an ecosystem evolves around each other, we evolve with our audience. Thanks to technology, today you can manage pretty much any business you can think of from a tablet somewhere in France; While providing the best customer care you've ever provided, knowing your customers better than ever before, tracking 100% of your marketing costs and conversions, staying connected to your team and you would only have to set it up once.

It's time for owners, executives and managers to step into the full digital experience, make their decitions based on insights they gather everyday and embrace social media as a new ecosystem their companies can grow into. 2015 is the year of honest and insightful brands and leaders. It will also be a year of exponential evolution as we enter the wearable tech era. Are you ready for it?

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Frequently Asked Questions and Misc

We don't have all the answers, but we have plenty of them
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Will I be involved in the creative process?
Of course, we actually encourage you to be! It is essential that our clients influence their projects through the use of reference material, refurbishing old campaigns, etc. We make sure your greatest ideas are featured in the final product.
Someone charges me $X, what's the difference?
The first possibility is that the low price is just bait and they'll run with your money, the second possibility is that well, you end up with a site that looks like what it's worth. Don't cut your brand short, find something else to cut costs in.
What kind of turn around time should I expect.
It greatly depends on your team and the availability of content material. Graphics take about a week, websites 3 weeks, ecommerce 4 weeks. Social media, ad and research reports are biweekly. Copywriting is it's own art and it may add a couple days.
Will my business appear on Google searches?
Not only Google! We submit every web project to all top tier engines and create at least 50 social submissions and PR links around the web to get the site indexed in around 24 hours. Competitive rank will of course require additional SEO.
Can I use my own hosting or existing domain?
Yes but we highly disencourage external hosting as our guarantee becomes void since anyone can very easily damage the site's source code...websites are not compiled like software so they are a little delicate, fixing a damaged website can run you up to 30% of it's total cost.
What kind of guarantee are we talking about?
Pretty straightforward, when you host your services with us, we make sure everything is always backed-up and in top shape. Should something unexpected happen, you're covered and any of your affected services are re-established overnight with no data-loss.
What is Direct Response and Why should I care?
Hello Reader!
The copy on this website is written in Direct Response. In Direct Response, the writer breaks down the 4th wall with his/her reader and sets the stage for intellectual sympathy, a skill that bad marketers are unaware of. So while a myriad of creative directors out there run their fact awareness campaigns, we'll continue having real conversations with our audience through both print and digital media.
Direct Response, Google it.
Are you guys hiring?
Of course! We're excited to meet all types of professionals who love what they do and do it well. Send us a sample of your work, resume and a 500 word message about you, your vision for the future and your expectations. Treat it personally and let your personality show through. It doesn't matter where you are either, we're an international team. Welcome to Voraim.

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